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many reasons to give.

“Just wanted to thank you again- I just had my first creative nonfiction piece published by The New Statesman. had you not informed me of a writing chance in the newsletter I would not have applied for it and I wouldn’t find myself on this new creative journey. So many thanks for MENA and underrepresented voices to be heard" - Anonymous Dec 2021

We have just come to the end of our first season of work.  In a short 8 months, we have launched a new organization with a steering group, professional directory, fortnightly newsletter, and a series of town halls, workshops, and eight new commissioned films from our membership.  Thousands of people have engaged with us from around the UK and our impact has been felt internationally.  We have started to change hearts and minds, reminding the UK live and recording arts that we are here.  And our members have had new opportunities because we have been able to make connections in ways that have never been possible before. 

The small grants we have already been awarded from the Film and TV Charity, and Arts Council England are very welcome, but they only go so far.

We need to do more and be able to provide more exciting programming in the future. 

This is why we are launching a campaign to raise £20,000.

Raising these funds will allow MENA Arts UK to continue the exciting and crucial journey we have embarked on.  It will allow us to provide our membership with more events, commission more exciting work from our MENA+ communities, and provide us with support in the day-to-day costs of running an arts organisation like ours.


We would not be able to do any of this work were it not for you. No amount is too small and any amount helps!

We thank you for your support.

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